Kenai Peninsula Family Caregiver Support Program


FALL SESSION Meeting Topics

Caregiver Training: Awakening the Senses of Person's Living with Dementia
WORKSHOP: October 21st: 1pm Sandra J. Kerns, MEd., MSW, LCSW, sharing on Winter's Grace Guidance Center. "Offering healing experiences for seasons of feeling lost what was, what could be.
Caregiver Support Meeting:  Holidays or Holy Cow Days: Destressing the Holiday Season.
 WORKSHOP: November 27th: 11am workshop on Adult Coloring. Psychologist believe coloring stimulates brain areas related to motor skilss, the senses, and creativity.
Office Closed November 22 & 23


Caregiver Support Meeting: Christmas Tea: Bring a snack to share and canned or boxed good to donate to the Food Bank
 Office Closed December 24 & 25

Please join us to share your experiences as a caregiver, or to support someone who is a caregiver. If you are helping a family member or friend by being a caregiver, contact us to learn how we can be of assistance.

 Please call Sharon or Judy at (907) 262.1280, for more information.